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    At 97 Black we offer a wide range of printing services, ranging from garment printing services such as t shirt printing and hoodie printing, to promotional sublimation printing services such as mug printing and coaster printing, to large format printing services incorporating banner printing, large format poster printing and sticker printing.

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    We specialise in Direct To Garment (DTG) printing, a new and extremely versatile type of printing, using the Brother GTX and Brother GT-381, two of the highest spec printers on the market.   DTG printing takes your full colour design from a computer screen onto your new t shirt, hoodie, tote bag, or pretty much anything else with some cotton content!

    T Shirt Printing
    Hoodie Printing
    Tote Bag Printing


    Another string to our printing bow, we love using sublimation printing for all sorts of items.  Sublimation printing can again handle full colour designs, and transfer them from being a piece of artwork, to being your new mug, coaster, purse, bookmark, fridge magnet and many more items.

    Mug Printing
    Coaster Printing
    Fridge Magnet Printing


    When you need to say it in a big way, we can offer banner printing, large format posters, and even stickers.  The possibilities are just about endless, and we offer a great range of large format printing services.

    Banner Printing
    Wall Vinyl Printing
    Sticker Printing